And the history books forgot about us.

Good day readers,

How are you?  I hope you are well and staying warm.  In Korea, the temperatures are dropping.  Some mornings it’s 0 degrees (Celsius), but the day stays around 10 or so.  I love it.  Perfect weather in my opinion!

I haven’t written lately mostly due to not knowing what to share I suppose.

I have made friends!  It’s nice to receive texts and feel important.  I have a friend named Richard.  One of the most genuine people I have met, ever.  It’s so odd how quickly people here can make you open up – it’s as if I always knew him, or the several other people I now know.  There is transparency in who we are and what we represent and being able to share that with someone you just meet is very unique.

Last night we were at a bar and met some other guys.  Played darts. Won a round of beer, good times.  After this it was nearly 5am.  As we depart, they say they are going to continue.  Instead of going home, I decide to stay.  Two Korean guys, Richard (he’s Korean, also) and me.  We go sit at a restaurant, they order 4? bottles of Soju, some food, and we continue drinking and talking.  Well, I mostly just sat, listened and watched.  I am fascinated by Koreans.  These guys had no idea who one another were, but because they felt good vibes, they continued their night together.  I was asking Richard how is it that everyone seems to get along and his reply was, “You’re lucky”.  I am lucky to have met the right people.  Had these two guys been rude or something, we would not have been there, but it was awesome!  I didn’t get home until 6:30, but gee, I saw something pretty amazing.

In America, very few people are going to a restaurant at 5am to continue drinking and eating together.  Let alone four guys who don’t know one another.  The two Korean guys kept telling me I was very Korean and they liked me a lot.  They were a year younger than me and so they respected me as if I were Korean.  (Quick lesson:  Age plays a huge part in how people talk to one another/behave with one another.  If you are drinking with someone older than you, there are very specific things you are supposed to do [not at 5am, ha] and not do.  For example, you must pour a drink for someone older than you with both hands, standing. When you receive a pour you must hold your glass with two hands.)  When one of the guys was going to pour me a drink, I held my glass with two hands and they laughed saying I was older and didn’t have to.  I knew I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.  They got their way and I just held on with one hand.  Seriously though, real life.  That happened.  Things you don’t see in America – respect.

As many of you probably saw, I have lost a lot of weight!  I joined a gym and I have to say this week was a little longer due to the soreness, but my energy is way up and I’m very excited to start up Monday with a legitimate schedule (thanks, Reed).  Sundays will be reserved for hiking and hoooopefully going to church.  I’d really like to check it out and see what services are like.  More than anything I am still on the hunt for a choir.

Two weeks back I went to the music academy below my apartment to investigate music lessons.  I would really love to take voice lessons, mostly because now I am not required to do it.  Ironic?  Sure.  Unfortunately, the guy hardly knew what I meant by Classical music and offered me guitar lessons.  After thinking he was charging about 50000 for a month I said I wasn’t sure if I could afford that.  He dropped it to 20000 and I said awesome.  I had the lesson on Saturday and it was really great!  I actually played some chords! I’ve always failed at guitar so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get better and also, to have some form of music.  At the end of the lesson I discovered I had misread his handwriting and that the price was actually 120000.  I explained I couldn’t afford that and I guess I misread his offer so he gave me that lesson for free and said I could come practice whenever I want.  I now know how to play Am, E, and C.

Time continues to move pretty quickly.  I’m sure you are aware, but I have been gone for three months!  I am a quarter of the way through my contract!  I am so happy to know that I can move to the other side of the world.  I hope it makes for an epic bedtime story one day.


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