And so we begin…

Good tidings friends,

This is the first of what I hope to be many posts.  As many new bloggers tend to state, I plan on keeping up with this about as often as I can.

As this is my first post I guess I will talk about a few things I hope to accomplish with this blog.

First and foremost, this will be about the adventures of a beard and a boy, my beard and I, in South Korea.  If you didn’t know, which I would assume anyone reading this SHOULD already know… otherwise why are you creeping… Anyway, if you didn’t know I am moving to teach English in South Korea.  I hope to blog and Facebook photos, foods, and experiences I have abroad to share with my friends and family.

Secondly, this blog will help to educate gentlemen on my beard growing stratagem.  While some may fail to fully accept my long held beliefs in the growing of beards, I hope to provide a subtle amusement to reading my blog.

Lastly, I hope that I can progress in my writing style and voice.  It has crossed my mind to compose some sort of work over the course of my life to be a “final testament” as it were.  But, who knows when that would ever occur.

So why am I writing this first post before I depart, let alone a whole month and a half beforehand.  Good question.  Over the past few weeks, the clock ticks closer and closer to me being on my own, solo dolo, me, myself and I, lone wolf, stag, alone, by myself.  With each passing moment it becomes more and more evident that I am going to miss my friends and Louisville terribly so.

Tonight I went to a choral concert for a group called the Kentucky Ambassadors of Music.  This choir is made up of high school students from around the state who depart tomorrow morning for a sixteen-ish day trip to Europe.  I was a member of this ensemble exactly six years ago.  As I walked up to Comstock Hall prior to the concert, there were dozens of parents hugging their kids, embracing those final moments before they would let their little bird fly solo for, most likely, the first time.

This touched me because six years ago, I was that kid.  Knowing the wonders of Europe, but never thinking I would go.  I mean, what would give me or any of the other kid that opportunity.  Not many things other than music.  Duh.

Choir has given me my life up to this point.  From the friends in high school, to the friends I hope to see every day for the rest of summer, choir has given me that.  It has also introduced me to Korea, the country I hope to call home for a few years.  Hearing some of the same music I sang on that trip SIX years ago was just a WOW moment.  I don’t know a life without choir and hopefully I find that in Korea.

Before I fly solo, let’s hang out, let’s go eat, see a movie, walk the Waterfront, do anything!  I want to enjoy the Louisville that I will miss so much, but the people who make it Louisville, that’s what I will miss the most.




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